Marketing Manager

3,000 - 6,000만원 / 0.1 - 0.3% / 경력
수시채용 원격근무 05/15 수정
아는 사람을 통해 스낵피버 (피버가이즈)에 연락할 수 있습니다. 로그인 / 회원가입
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주요 업무

What you’ll be doing (just a few of many):

- Create a holistic marketing strategy and channel mix, working closely with the team, in order to meet weekly and monthly sales goals.
- Manage a multi-channel strategy to grow our user base. Channels include email, Messenger, SEO, SEM/display/Youtube, social media (Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat), content marketing, CPL campaigns, influencer, affiliate marketing.
- Set overall acquisition strategy. Own strategy behind driving new leads into the site, landing pages, conversion funnel and email/Messenger collection mechanisms.
- Develop activation strategies.
- Develop and test retention strategies and conversion optimization.
- Develop referral/resurrection strategies.
- Analyze current and past campaigns.
- Daily set-up, optimization, and analysis of multiple campaigns.
- Roll out new creative and copy in conjunction with the team. Manage creative strategy, messaging/content, design, trafficking and performance for campaigns.
- Identify new ways to scale.
- Look for ways to drive down CAC.
- Manage and closely track the marketing budget.
- Expand current channel mix and test new, up-and-coming channels.
- Coordinate with the team on the sales forecast and tracking.
- Manage multiple projects and deliver work in a fast-paced environment.
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업무 관련 기술 / 활동 분야


채용 상세

What we're looking for:
- At least 3 years experience in multi-channel, user acquisition experience.
- Good sense of branding and creative. MUST MUST MUST be a CREATIVE genius.
- Channel experience across email (we use Mailchimp/Klaviyo), Messenger, paid social, organic, content. Knowledge of Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager (pixels, etc).
- Bi-lingual (bi-cultural preferred).
- Obsessed with growth. You're a growth hacker. You're familiar with Sean Ellis and Andrew Chen's work.
- Proven ability to drive growth without huge marketing budgets.
- Online product marketing for a multi-SKU business.
- Self-starter.
- Strategic.
- Ingenuity.
- Must be collaborative.
- Ability to lead and influence.
- Critical thinking and decision making.
- Strong organizational skills.
- Good communication skills.
- Highly functioning within a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
- Be fun and social and have a good sense of humor. You must be interesting and have a cool, positive upbeat personality.
- Analytical. Data-driven.
- Strong attention to detail and articulate.
- Results oriented.
- Ambitious.
- Be proactive.

Bonus points:

- Product photography skills.
- You’re obsessed with promoting Korean culture to the rest of the world.
- Previous experience in startup environments.
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그래픽 디자이너 / 일러스트레이터 @스낵피버 (피버가이즈)
평가와 보상

스낵피버에서 일하는 것을 추천합니다.

스낵피버 (피버가이즈)는 좋은 기업인가요? 추천해 보세요.

로켓펀치에 가입하고 스낵피버 (피버가이즈)를 소개받을 수 있는 지인을 찾아보세요.

회원가입시 로켓펀치의 이용약관, 개인정보처리방침을 읽고 이해하셨으며 해당 내용에 동의하신 것이 됩니다.

복지 혜택

개인 장비
연차, 휴가
자율 휴가제
근무 형태
AM 10 - PM 07
보험, 의료
경조사비, 4대 보험


주요 경력 : 스트롱벤처스 ∙ 스낵피버 (피버가이즈)
주요 경력 : 캘리포니아대학교 버클리캠퍼스
리드 디자이너 @스낵피버 (피버가이즈)
서비스디자인, zeplin, Sketch
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Marketing Manager

채용 분야
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경력 여부
3,000 - 6,000만원
0.1 % - 0.3 %
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04-04 수정
  • 경력
  • 3,500 - 6,000만원
온라인마케팅 ∙ 소셜마케팅 ∙ 디지털마케팅 ∙ 브랜드마케팅 ∙ 그로스해킹 ∙ 글로벌마케팅 ∙ 콘텐츠마케팅 ∙ 커뮤니티매니저 ∙ 바이럴마케팅 ∙ 모바일광고 ∙ 동영상제작
05-14 등록
  • 경력, 신입
05/26 마감
05-14 등록
엘솔컴퍼니(Elsol Company)
  • 경력
  • 3,500 - 4,000만원
온라인마케팅 ∙ 소셜마케팅 ∙ 콘텐츠마케팅 ∙ Google Analytics ∙ 모바일광고 ∙ 인하우스소셜미디어 ∙ 디지털마케팅 ∙ 브랜드마케팅

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