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About Ondot Systems

Ondot Systems is an U.S-based global company and the creator of Mobile Card Services, a while label solution that empowers consumers to control and manage their payment cards from a smartphone app. Ondot’s solutions enable Financial Institutions to give consumers the security they want with the convenience they need, by allowing cardholders to turn their payment cards on/off; specify when, where, and how their payment cards can be used; respond to real-time alerts; and perform self-service functions from their smartphone app. Ondot’s customers include the largest global and national card processors in U.S, who collectively serve over 10,000 Financial Institutions and 100s of millions of cardholders.
Ondot has been recognized in the FinTech industry as one of the fastest growing and innovative companies, including Best of Show at Finovate, Global Product Innovation Award from Frost and Sullivan, Best of What’s New from Popular Science Magazine, Gold Innovation Award from Pymnts.com, New Best Practice in Banking from Mercator, and has been covered in leading print and media outlets including CBS, CNBC, MSN, Bloomberg, Forbes, Financial Times, American Banker, Pymnts.com, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, etc.
Ondot’s leadership and investors bring together experienced executives from mobile, telecom, payments, and banking industries, who share a vision of transforming how consumers interact with their Financial Institution. We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and driven individuals to join our team in realizing this vision. This is a great time to be in the Payments and FinTech space, and Ondot offers a unique market opportunity in a hot industry. Join us in this exciting journey!

Ondot Korea RnD

Ondot’s RnD Korea team consists of very capable and highly charged engineers and has three missions. The first mission is to bring NFC-capable HCE-based mobile payment into markets, and the second mission is to make a quick and fast Proof of Concept (PoC) development on potentially big ideas. The last one is to develop new features of a flag-ship Card Control product. Korea team constantly interacts with domain experts in other teams spread across U.S and India to bring best architecture and design ideas to life.
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Ondot Systems의 기업문화

Ondot Systems은 본사를 미국에 두고 있는 FinTech 전문 솔루션 업체로 10000개 이상의 FI(Financial Institutions)와 100만명 이상의 카드 사용자를 대상으로 서비스를 제공하고 있으며, 사용자에게 보다 편리한 카드 사용 환경을 제공하기 노력하고 있습니다.
한국 R&D 조직은 신규 서비스 개발을 위한 PoC(Proof of Concept) 및 NFC 기반의 HCE mobile payment solution 개발을 진행하기 위해 설립되었으며, 미국 본사 및 인도 연구소와 함께 지속적으로 협업, 발전해 나갈 계획입니다.

진행 중인 채용 정보

6,500 - 6,500만원 / 경력

Java ∙ JSP ∙ jQuery ∙ Redis ∙ nginx ∙ Apache ∙ Oracle DB ∙ Linux ∙ Hibernate ∙ mybatis ∙ MySQL ∙ JBoss ∙ RabbitMQ ∙ Amazon AWS ∙ Front-end ∙ Node.js ∙ AngularJS

최소 4,500만원 / 경력

iOS ∙ Android ∙ SQLite

최소 6,000만원 / 경력

Python ∙ Amazon AWS ∙ Java ∙ Back-end ∙ 소프트웨어아키텍처

서비스 / 제품 / 공간

Ondot's Mobile Card ServiceOndot's Mobile Card Service
Ondot's Mobile Card Services comprises of value-added products to manage all aspects of payment cards and transactions – ranging from pre-authorization controls to real-time transaction alerting and management.
Ondot's Mobile Card Services consists of CardControl, CardAlerts, and Self-Service Modules.

CardControl empower consumers to switch cards on and off, and set card usage preferences by location, merchant categories, transaction types, and spend limits.

CardAlerts enable consumers to set transaction alert preferences similar to CardControl, and are instant and actionable.

Self Service
Self Service enables consumers to view detailed information and perform common tasks relating to their cards, accounts and transactions on-the-go.

mConsole provides product managers and support personnel with views into product adoption dashboards, custom reports, and customer troubleshooting functions.

Fraud Watch
Fraud Watch enables risk managers to enroll their entire card portfolio and create control rules on-the-fly to monitor cards for potential fraud.

Ondot provides Financial Institutions with a comprehensive management suite to manage operational and customer support aspects of Mobile Card Services.

All of Ondot's product modules share the same underlying technology base. Financial Institutions can choose to roll out all modules in a comprehensive solution, or individual modules a la carte, depending on their needs.

Tech Stacks

기업 정보
Business Tools : 사내 협업, 고객 및 외부 채널 관리 툴
DevOps : 빌드, 테스트, 배포, 모니터링
Utilities : 서비스 개발 효율을 높이기 위해 사용하는 유틸리티
Application and Data : 개발 언어, 프레임웍, 라이브러리

복지 혜택

개인 장비
업무에 필요한 노트북, 모니터, 키보드 등 장비 지원
연차, 휴가
자율 휴가제
근무 형태
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