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GoGoVan is on a mission to transform the global logistics industry with a mobile app that allows anyone to get something from Point A to Point B at the touch of a button. We are in the early stages of building a world-class product adapted to the needs of each market we will touch, and we’re building a phenomenally talented team of engineers to help us scale.

What you'll be doing:

Work with the team to design and implement well-tested Android apps with top-notch UX.
Lead our team to the latest and greatest Android development techniques.
Monitor and troubleshoot error reports on a daily basis.
What we're looking for:

Work with a team in HK to localize and improve GoGoVan API and Android app for South Korea. Monitor and troubleshoot error reports from day to day.

2+ years of Android / RoR development experience.
Solid experience working with mobile / rails app development flow, implementation, and release.

Excellent teamwork and communications skills in english.

Experience in Java-Android SDK, Google API, or other development tools.

Solid experience on backend development flow, implementation, testing, and deployment.

Experience working in SQL and NoSQL databases (PostgreSQL / Redis).

Good grasp of MVC and TDD/ BDD.
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Application Development Manager / PM

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